A 18 year old boy from the South West of England studying to enter into the world of journalism.
This blog just about covers anything that I fancy writing about!
I’m really not an expert on some of the stuff I write about as these are simply just opinion pieces!
Over at footbilly.wordpress.com I blog about football which is something I have far more knowledge on!
Please get in contact with me on Twitter @billyblogged or if you have anything you want to ask me my email is ContactBillys@gmail.com thanks!


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi. i read your article about “what’s wrong with Russel Brand” i kinda like it i hope you would write another article about legalizing drugs. or article about globalproblem or etc. i just like it. have a nice day :).

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    • Thanks Khendra! Yeah hopefully I can start writing on a regular basis soon, and will definitely be writing about those issues! Just a bit busy with work atm! But thanks a lot, have a nice day!


  2. I enjoyed your article on Russel Brand. You are rally an excellent writer! Better than some journalists that write for the papers! Please keep at it. I’d like to read more. Congrats.

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