online production internship cover letter

Dear Sir/Madam, 

As a subscriber and reader of GQ magazine the opportunity to apply for one of the prestigious internships at GQ was one I could not neglect. 

Further, as a keen follower of GQ across every social media platform the chance to fulfill the position as an online production intern is one that I would unquestionably cherish. 

I have a passion for politics, sport, fashion, culture and music and these are all topics that I not only love covering in my work but also consuming through outlets such as GQ.

I recently listened to Jim Nelson’s interview on the Longform podcast, which accelerated my prolonged ambition to work for GQ. Nelson’s understanding of the GQ brand gave me a new insight into the privilege one would have when working for GQ. Nelson’s persistent belief that GQ is far more than just a magazine was also irrevocably encouraging for myself as he explained how GQ is a brand that extends beyond multiple platforms and formats.

I am consistently immersed within the online content GQ UK produces on a daily basis. From Carlotta Constant’s YouTube interview with Loyle Carner to how GQ utilizes Instagram live to allow followers to interact with GQ icons – I am continually impressed by how GQ has flourished and evolved within new media while still maintaining it’s traditional core brand and values. 

I have worked within online media for over three years and I have a proven record of knowing how to generate and maintain followings. Further, as a freelance writer I believe I am a strong wordsmith and editor. 

In 2016 I launched a startup outlet with no funding or backing. 18 months later what has now evolved to be known as has a social media following of over 20,000 and has contributors from across the UK. I established LFM as a passion project to showcase my skills in social media, writing and online production. LFM aims to capture a key audience of Brits aged between 14-21 who are interested in indie music and style. While I still manage our social media channels I now predominately work as an editor to allow myself to peruse further projects. I believe my early achievements within LFM help to illustrate my skills within online production. 

also have experience working for organisations such as ITV and the BBC. During my time working for these orgainsations I fulfilled a variety of roles, which included creating and sourcing broadcast stories alongside managing social media and online media outputs. This allowed me to develop my pre-existing knowledge of CMS systems to a significant and adapt understanding. 

Currently, I work as a freelance writer and social media manager for Rocket Sports Network. Within this I maintain the online and social media content for outlets such as This requires a thorough understanding of SEO and depends upon a consistent ability to provide and generate clicks/readers through optimized SEO and social media. 

For examples of my work please visit, which also provides an extended insight into my key achievements, skills and experience. 

As previously noted GQ has always been a brand that I admire and one that I have and will always aspire to work for. I believe that my qualities within online media that include writing, editing, video production, SEO understanding, social media and knowledge of CMS systems will allow me to excel in the position as an online production intern for

However, above all – I believe that my enthusiasm and passion for GQ will make me an invaluable member of the GQ team. 

If you have any questions regarding myself then please do not hesitate to get in touch via email, phone or twitter at any time of the day/week. 

 Kind regards, 

Billy Hodder 



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