How Twitter reacted to the EU Referendum

Last night the stock market went f*cking mad. David Dimbledey went f*cking mad. Nigel Farage went f*cking mad. Lindsey Lohan went f*cking mad (again) and pretty much everyone went f*cking mad as one of the most historic nights in British history took us through one of the most exciting and unpredictable nights in British politics.

And twitter, twitter of-course went f*cking mad, and here are the highlights….

Even Harry and his mates got involved from Hogwarts…

The nations sweetheart and forgotten bacon sandwich lover made an appearance…

Even Lindsey Lohan got involved…..


Don’t worry folks, we’ll be keeping this page up-to-date throughout the night/day/night (what even is day and night when you’ve been watching David Dimbledey for 10 hours straight!?!), so make sure you check back to see just how twitter is reacting!


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