Racism in The UK 

Racism – The belief that all members of each race possesses characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.


Racism? Here? In the UK? Don’t be daft mate. We’ve got an egalitarian society that isn’t prejudice, nor do we discriminate. We defeated the Nazis. Go Russia or something mate. Then you’ll see real racism.  

I understand that the title may be unequivocally alarming to you, and so it probably should be. Is it just an exaggerated view-point consciously crafted to generate this sad little teenager a couple more views on his stupid, pretentious, worthless, sad, egoistic, biased, bigoted blog? Yeah, a bit. 

However I cannot, and I will not (sassy), ignore something that I have noticed recently. Perhaps it is nothing, but I’ve just noticed, that in an incredibly small minority of the population that people are starting to become tireless of those who are not white or “100% British” (even though that’s biologically impossible considering we’re all descendants from monkeys born on a place called Pangea, but whatever, I’ll let it slide, because I’m a decent bloke like that you see).

Recently The Daily Mail conducted some research into racism and the British population. They conducted a poll involving 2000 adult participants, and the results, well the results tell us that one third of the participants admitted to being ‘racist’ in some form or capacity. Wait, what?! 

In the 2012/13 The Guardian claimed that nationally the proportion of respondents in Britain who say they hold some form of prejudice has gone up by 4% (If only our economy could grow at the same rate, *sigh*). 

It would be unfair for me to tarnish the political party Ukip as racist, and would be unjust, and also largely an unfounded accusation. However it is worth noting that this party has practically gone from ceasing to exist 10 years ago, to now being the third largest political party in terms of votes shared at the last general election. I will allow you to interpret this however you want. 

Facebook is not only something that is used to stalk people who you used to go to school with or spend endless nights scrolling through your cousin’s friend’s brother’s uncle’s former cat owner’s son’s friend’s wedding photos, but it also allows you to start political party’s now, apparently. 

Take ‘Britain First’. It has 811,000 likes on Facebook. In the description of the page it claims to be a “patriotic political party”, fair-enough, even I’ll sit down every four years and cheer England on in the World Cup by shouting at the television to announce that they’re all overpaid ungrateful idiotic f*cking w*nkers. 

However the first post I see on this page is the party labelling the news that the met police have claimed that they need more bi-lingual officers as “outrageous”. But it’s when you read the comments and the discussions of the members of ‘Britain First’ that you get the quintessentially juicy material. Early on a comment by a user catches my eye; it reads “I heard a local customer adviser in my job centre speak Arabic […] absolute disgrace”. Another commenter declares that “we should be demolishing Mosques” and that “Islam is a false religion that peaches terrorism”. Another member states “makes me sick these Muslims”. Again, I will allow you all to interpret this however you want, although I would urge you to re-familiarise yourself with the definition of racism at the top of this post. What probably strikes me most however is that most of these posts get 100’s of likes and the page has far more followers than my blog!!! Maybe I need to be more ‘patriotic’?
Why then? Why is it that people are starting to not only generate but also SHARE more prejudice feelings at this current time? Of-course the current terrorist threat of ISIS or IS or ISIL, or whatever we’re calling them these days are making, quite frankly, a f*ck load of noise.

However if you remember correctly that in the definition of racism one component is to presume that all of one race are similar. There is nothing, quite literally nothing, that pisses me off more in the world right now than the pejoration of Islamic religions because of the actions of a microscopic amount of Muslims. The backlash that it has generated for many others makes me sick to stomach. 

Let me introduce you to scapegoats (although you already know plenty about that as you’re all highly educated, well-informed, beautiful human beings (please send me some money)). 

Scapegoat – A person who is blamed for the wrongdoings, mistakes, or faults of others, especially for reasons of expediency.

Examples I hear you ask for (just go with it, please)? The Jews were blamed for the Black Death, the Nazis blamed Jews for the loss of WW1. When the disease syphilis broke out, the British blamed the French, the French blamed the Italians for it, the Italians returned the favour as they blamed the French for syphilis. The Dutch decided to blame the Spanish for syphilis, Russia blamed Poland, Japan blamed the Portuguese, Turkey blamed just Christians in general (smart move, making them feel guilty for ‘getting about’ at the same time), and in 1769 Captain Cook travelled to Tahiti to find that they were blaming none other than the British for the outbreak of syphilis.

‘The Scapegoat Theory’ states that economic despair and increase in prejudice and violence towards out-groups is positively correlated. For example between 1882 and 1930 in the USA there was a correlation between poor economic conditions and the outbreak of violence against black people (e.g. lynching).

You might have noticed, actually yes you f*cking will have noticed, economically speaking, Britain has not being doing great in recent years. Just look at the price of Freddos, they were 10p when I started out as an innocent, naïve, baby-faced child. (And yes I know that inflation is largely inevitable, but the point I’m trying to make is that my pocket money did not increase at the same fixed rate as Freddos, day-light robbery if you ask me).

Scapegoating is what I largely credit for what one could interpret as a brooding intolerance to outsiders in recent times.. E.g. “it’s those bloody immigrants fault”. 

This graph published by The Guardian makes for very interesting reading, just look at the rate of racial prejudice during the 2008 financial crisis!


However I do not feel that it is acceptable to scapegoat. No, not at all. 

You see for hundreds of years the British white man has exploited others. 
Our ancestors charged around the world during a period of colonialism and mercantile capitalism taking land everywhere, simply because we could. For centuries we exploited natural resources from other countries (that still even happens to this day). We stole other countries academics. We stole everything we could get our dirty white hands on. We made other countries buy our stuff and we stopped them from producing goods as to eliminate any competition for our exports. 

For the British white man also committed the worst crime of all time. Slavery. If any social, religious or ethnic group owes anything to another; it is the British white man who owes everything to those that have forgiven him for the worst crime of all of mankind. 

If you’re in Britain right now, look around yourself. The device you’re reading this on was probably designed, fashioned, and boxed in completely different countries that you’re using it in. The food you eat, the music you listen to, the clothes you wear, the books you read, the furniture you sit on, it’s all from around the world. Would you really want to live in a country which consists of only material that the white British man has fashioned from his own resources? I certainly would not. 

The only great thing that the British white man has done is to bring all these cultures together, yet that is the very thing that so many are so angered about. 
An intolerance to outsiders purely on an assumption is obnoxious. It is not welcome here. No one is inferior, or superior, people are different, that is all. Would you want to live in a country where everyone is exactly the same? I wouldn’t.

To presume that someone is inferior to yourself purely on an assumption, or on the fact that they are a different ethnicity to you is ignorance, and it is not welcome thank you very much. 

You were born here, so what? What have you actually done? What gives you the right to live here and others the burden of having to live in a poverty stricken slum that is being bombed night on night? What have you done to deserve free healthcare? What have they done to deserve to have to watch their own friends, family and neighbours die on a regular basis? 

All of our ancestors were born on the same rock, Pangea. What if tomorrow England broke into two, the north and the south divided. And only the North were allowed free healthcare, and if you were on the south, you were not allowed to move into the north? How would you feel? 

I call you not only to be less ignorant but I call you to be less ignorant towards ignorance. Call them out, tell them their views are not welcome here, for they have not earned nor do they have the right to presume that they are superior. 

It is okay to be patriotic, but sometimes it is distorted, sometimes it becomes a mask for one to hide his ignorance behind. 

Let me leave you with a quote from Malcolm X

“You’re not to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it.” 

You’ve heard my opinions on this, and now, regardless of where you’re from, what do YOU think about racism in contemporary times? 


17 thoughts on “Racism in The UK 

  1. A most interesting and thoughtful blog, Billy. I think that IS is a big reason that people’s intolerance of other races (especially those from the Indian Sub-continent.). My neighbour, who is a staunch Christian, thinks that Islam is a violent religion. Nothing that I say will convince her otherwise.

    Prejudice is usually based on fear, and this is why there is an increase in racism at the moment. It seems to be aimed more at Asians (who may be Muslims, although I know not a few who are Christians) than African Carribeans. I may be wrong about that. It’s only personal observation and not based on any research.

    There is also a lot of prejudice towards Eastern Europeans. This follows the ‘rule’ that the last immigrants are blamed for everything. I am old enough to remember that it was said about successive groups during my lifetime that the immigrants were taking all ‘our’ jobs.

    As to being born here; many black and asian people were born here. The so-called ‘true British’ are far from that. We have welcomed people from all over for ever. Even the Celts were immigrants.

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  2. The concept of “race” is contested today. There are ethnic groups and most groups have intermingled over time, just as we British have. Racism, as you’ve defined it, is mostly cultural, or religious intolerance, or any number of fear-driven intolerances.
    The UK is mostly tolerant and, indisputably, a better country for all those who’ve migrated here, wherever they came from and for whatever reason. We all have personal experience of people who have been uprooted from the country of their birth and yet have come to Britain to make our lives better, eg as doctors, nurses, teachers, servicemen/women, and so on. Why on earth can’t we celebrate our kaleidoscope nation, rather than demonising it?
    Goodness knows where my family originated, in recent history. What matters is that we explore and invest in immigrant communities, rather than deploying specious arguments to identify them as somehow “disgraceful”. And, as always, education is the answer.
    And if the racist in the picture at the top of your blog had the faintest idea and had been educated, he would know that his Union Flag has been attached upside-down on its pole! That is a sign of distress. He’s certainly in distress.

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    • Totally agree and I love that expression “kaleidoscope Britain”! Thanks for taking the time out of your day to have a read and give such thought provoking comments!


  3. We currently have a political vacuum where the only political strain on offer is the ‘status quo’. There is no platform for the extremes both left and right so they create one, (or one is created for them). The other aspect is that any body is seen in financial terms as a revenue generating unit regardless of colour, creed, etc. Mass immigration provides a pool of workers to fill the less desireable jobs and so the pressure in the pay market pushes the wage earning capacity of the educated upwards. The financial system is happy with the injection of low paid workers and the government gets a boost in tax revenues – all very cozy. This makes for a clash between the current financial system and the ‘political edges’. The government doesn’t understand the concerns of the political edges in their demands for an end to immigration as it is one of the planks of an increasing economy that in parts funds the increasing lifestyle of the political edges. The political edges don’t understand the finances but want an end to immigration, but are probably not able to understand the impact. There is a way out, though no one wants to take it; pay the immigrants to come here.
    If for example we attract a nurse from Malawi, is there not a moral case for paying Malawi for the time it has taken them to train that nurse? The Government of Malawi are satisfied that the relationship is fair, and allows them to use the money to improve the social fabric of their country. This tightens the control of immigration and improves slightly the living standards of countries from where immigrants come . It is possible to create a scale of payments for each worker we take into our economy.
    The Treasury would of course disagree as we get the workers for free, but it represents a movement of social capital from poorer countries to one of the wealthiest in the world. How fair is that?

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    • Very interesting points here! That would also help to eliminate an increasing problem in the world today where many under-developed countries are actually seeing their academics (e.g. doctors, teachers and lawyers etc.) being poached by developed countries. So while this wouldn’t actually eradicate the problem, it would provide some form of ‘compensation’ if you like?!

      Anyhow, thank you very much for taking the time to check out the blog and leaving what is probably one of the most though-provoking comments I have yet to receive across all posts!


  4. A lot of so called ‘racism’ is in fact ‘colour prejudice’. I don’t hear many of the kids I teach saying, “Bloody Australians, coming over here, taking our jobs, they should be sent back to their own country.” I even had a kid say to me (mother English, dad Asian) “Go back to your own country.” What? Wolverhampton? For me, racism is vile – colour prejudice is even worse. I’m as ‘British’ (whatever that is) as they come – but have experienced ‘colour prejudice’ all my life. Great article.

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  5. Very enlighting learnt a thing or two thank you if only people were willing to educate ‘MY PERSONAL OPINION ”
    If people were allowed to live together without the interference by “narrow minded subservient politican whose STRINGS are pulled by?IE BIG POWERFUL BANKERS ECONOMIC B/MAIL BY INDUSTRIALISTS”?then they don’t have to lie too much to their constuants “NOT USE RACE CARD TO WIN VOTES “

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  6. Wow! Great piece. Well writen, thoughtful, tinged with humor. When I hear people blame and talk about blacks in a hateful manner, I tell them of my brother, white, executed o Texas death row: visit lyndaklong.com for more. When I Hear people bash All Mexicans, I tell them of two strangers, Nellie and Miguel, who lived in Mexicali and helped me get my other dead brothers body back to the u.s. when no one else would help me. I agree with your writing, loved the part about facebook! My thoughts exactly! Made me lol! Ha! Lol, there I go , facebook lingo. Thank you for your insightful message.

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  9. Good post. I’m an American transplant to Britain and I’m prepared to testify that anyone who thinks Britain’s free of racism is nuts. It takes different forms here than it does in the U.S., and even after nine years I’m still thrown by it sometimes. Forgive me adding a link to my own blog, but I’ve been writing on the same topic lately, and a little cross-fertilization will surely do us all good. Here’s one of the posts. http://notesfromtheuk.com/2015/09/15/comparative-racism-part-2-whats-it-like-in-britain/

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