Why Nick Clegg should be remembered fondly 


On the 8th of May, 2015, Nick Clegg crawled from what can only be described as a catastrophic, disastrous and devastating calamity. Clegg had thrown none other than himself in front of the oncoming rampaging bull, a.k.a the Tories, to see himself and his party be categorically dismantled. Nick Clegg had secured his place in history on the morning of the 8th of May, as he was now the man that the country would know as being the leader who lead the Liberal Democrats to their worst ever performance in a general election. 

49 seats were lost, only 8 had been retained (including Clegg’s own seat in Sheffield Hallam (think of it as a conciliation goal if you like for Mr. Clegg)). Following on from the 2010 election, where Clegg and unequivocally and inconceivably stolen the nation’s hearts (which he had no right to do) with his human, transparent and relatable approach to British politics which had so many of the British public falling at his knees, Clegg is now the scapegoat, the traitor, the liar, the failure, the man who just doesn’t look ‘healthy’ anymore. Not only did the Lib Dems lose 49 seats, but they also lost 15.2% of the vote that they had deservedly held in 2010. On the morning of the 8th of May, the Liberal Democrats now only hold 7.9% of the vote and fall into fourth place behind those delightful gentlemen and women at Ukip. 

Clegg was suffocated. Strangled by the Tory government that he had jumped into bed with to form the nation’s coalition in 2010. A one night stand if you will. And in the morning there was no text message from David Cameron telling Clegg that ‘we should meet up again sometime’, for the Tories had had their fun and what Nick Clegg could offer them was no longer necessary. 

So why? Why would you volunteer to be suffocated? Why would you tarnish you party by dragging them into a coalition that, quite frankly, was the most devastating and blood curdling blow that the Liberal Democrats have ever seen. Why then, why, why should Nick Clegg be remembered fondly? He propped up an insufficient Tory government, sold his beliefs, and perhaps worst of all, he traded in the votes that his party had gained from the British public in order to spend a night with Mr. Cameron. 

But that, that is exactly why Nick Clegg should be remembered fondly. 

Nick Clegg did what an excruciatingly small amount of politicians, or even just anyone, would not do. Nick Clegg chucked himself in front of the bull, he laid himself out to be trampled on, and he knew it was going to happen. You see Nick Clegg would have known that the coalition he formed in 2010 would see his career as a politician be dismantled, Clegg knew that his name would be tarnished forever, but he did it, he did what he did for the British public. He went where very few would ever go, he sacrificed himself for us, the people of Britain. 

‘What did he actually do?’ – ask so many of the British public. Just what did Nick Clegg achieve as deputy prime minister?

Nick Clegg not only played a major role in the advancement and awareness and care for those with mental illness’ but he was a major player in allowing British people to have the right to marry those of the same gender, in pushing through same sex marriage, Nick Clegg was, if you like, the ‘MVP’ (ask your kids) and without him in bed with the Tories perhaps we may not have same-sex marriages right now. 

Further Clegg was instrumental in influencing the Tory government to raise the income tax threshold to £10,000. 

Nick Clegg claims that he blocked 16 Tory policies during his time as deputy prime minister. Most noticeably changes to education that Michael Gove tried to push through. These include Gove’s plans to revive O levels, along with wanting to introduce profit making state schools and perhaps most bizarrely Gove wanted to stop Geography teachers informing children at school of how to prevent climate change. All blocked. All blocked by Nick Clegg and his selfless Liberal Democrat party. Other policies that Clegg claims to have blocked include the ditching of the human rights act (which now looks like it could actually happen with Clegg having vacated Cameron’s king size water bed (c’mon don’t try and tell me that David Cameron doesn’t have a water bed, if ever I’ve seen a ‘water bed person’ it’s David Cameron)). Clegg also claims to have blocked a policy which would have allowed employers to fire employees at will with no reasons needed to be given. All of these, and many more, Clegg claims would have been passed if it was not for the tireless and selfless Liberal Democrats. 

I’m only 18 years old. I’m attending University in September and Nick made a promise to me five years ago. He promised that the Liberal Democrats would not support any policies that would raise tuition fees for students. He lied. Sometimes you have to lie to get into bed with someone, and that is exactly what Nick Clegg did. Did I hate him for it? Yeah, for a bit at least. 

But there is something about Nick Clegg for me. 

Now as mentioned previously I am only 18. Therefore I have lived quite a sheltered and short life in terms of the British politicians and governments that have been around during my life span. I’ve few memories of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and any opinions I had of them at the time were only ones that echoed my fathers. The 2010 election was what really grabbed me. I can remember sitting in a school assembly where they were explaining to us what a coalition government was, I already knew however as I’d stayed up the previous night (against my parents’ wishes) watching Nick Robinson use many phrases and terms that I had (and probably still) absolutely no idea what they meant, but I got the general gist. Since then I’ve spent a great deal of my time reading and learning about British politics (it was only now that I was starting to get the full picture of who Gordon Brown and Tony Blair were and I was starting to wonder if me and my father had been discussing the same people).

Now let me bring this back to Nick Clegg. For you see Nick Clegg is the only British politician that, during my life-time at least, has really appealed or spoken any sense to me. I respect Ed Miliband a lot as a person but not as politician. I have grown an enormous amount of respect for Gordon Brown and the situation that he was thrown into, but I don’t really identify myself with his ideology. 

Nick Clegg however, he just had what so many didn’t. He was human. To this date there has not been any other British politician that has really captured my support as Nick Clegg had. He was transparent (despite the whole uni fees debacle) and appeared to actually be a fair representation of ‘proper’ and ‘real’ British people. 

I believe Nick Clegg will and should be remembered in a far better light as time goes on. He sacrificed his own name, his own reputation and the respect that he had done so well to achieve. He sacrificed it for the English people. 

Maybe he was wrong to drag his party with him? Maybe he should have been more calculated as to how he would be remembered for entering into Mr. Cameron’s bed chambers. But at the end of the day Clegg had a decision to make. He could either abstain from entering into bed with the Tories and uphold his name, but in the meanwhile give the Tories the free reign to do what they want, or, he could stick by his principles and have his name tarnished forever. Nick Clegg sacrificed the respect that his name carries, but instead stuck by his principles as a decent human being. 

History favours the brave, and Nick Clegg will be favoured by History. I sincerely hope that there are more Nick Cleggs out there, because we really could do with them. 

Let me leave you with a rather crude joke that has been circulating the internet; “For the Tories have been f*cking us for five years now, but they have been f*cking us with the condom which is the Liberal Democrats. Now the condom is off, and now you will see, now you will feel, how it feels to be properly F*CKED.”

Now I want to hear YOUR opinions. What do you thing think of Nick Clegg? -and why? Either leath a comment below or get in contact with me on twitter – @BillyBlogged – and join in with the ever growing discussions that we here at this community have! 


6 thoughts on “Why Nick Clegg should be remembered fondly 

  1. Trouble is, I don’t think the LibDems handled things very well. I like Nick Clegg, but I don’t remember seeing anything about all they did. They allowed all the negative press comments and didn’t say anything. The press selected the student loan business and slated the LibDems for it, but gave them little credit for the things they did to temper the more extreme Tory policy. The LibDems didn’t answer these things.

    One reason that people used to give as to why they didn’t vote LibDem was that they had no experience in Government. They didn’t exploit this in the election and tell people that they now had this experience. People believe what they are told and they were told negative things about the LibDems and Nick Clegg with nothing, or very little, positive.

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    • I completely agree with you here! I think so many believe that all Clegg and the Lib Dems have done over the last five years is to just prop up the Tories and watch them do what they want. When actually they have done SO much!

      However, I do think over the next five years, and it’s already starting to happen, people will really start to see the effect that the Lib Dems had. Already with the recent budget people are now starting to come to the realisation that the Lib Dems were actually very efficient and effective at almost sterilising the Tories.

      Thank you very much for your comment and taking the time out of your day to engage!


  2. If Clegg had a one night stand with Cameron (by supporting a minority govenment) his party would still be relevant today. Sadly he entered an abusive relationship instead and for what? All the policies you have listed could have been prevented by voting against them from the opposition benches, plus more and he would still have had bargaining power on each and every issue as Cameron would have had to approach them or Labour in order to get anything through.

    The issue is obviously far more complicated than just that, but I can’t see any reason (other than a ministerial pay packet) for him to have took the actions he did.

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  3. I used to be a Lib Dem voter since age 18 now closer to being 50, I am not and could not vote for them again. I think Clegg was incredibly arrogant he should have stepped down as leader at least a year before the recent election, if he had I doubt they’d have lost so many seats but he arrogantly believed his own hype! A few months before the election if he’d instructed his party not to support the bedroom tax he may well have redeemed himself but he didn’t he made sure millions of poor people suffered whilst at the same time saying they’d abolish it? Talk about double standards! He choose to jump into bed with Cameron he refused to speak to Gordon brown, who refused to be bought by the sun newspaper and is a principled man( we never saw him with twisted evil pictures using his child’s illness to win the disabled vote unlike those revolting pictures of Cameron propping his sick kid up to win votes! Clegg may have softened things for last 5 years but he ensured Cameron got majority this time because he didn’t stand down he probably only had as many seats as he did because of tactical voting but he stayed put arrogantly thinking he’d be just as popular when it was clear no one respected him anymore because of the uni fee debacle one we find out later he knew he would have to ditch he let so many people down by grabbing any bit of power offered to him but he could have done the same with Labour but he didn’t he could have stopped Cameron from getting in at all instead we are now so steeped in vile Tory lies everyone believes because of the daily mail and sun who have repeatedly lied and made so many believe that the Labour Party caused the financial crisis when it was the bankers! And that everyone supported by Welfare are all scroungers and are just too lazy to work! The media drip fed all the lies over and over til it was believed by the electorate who are mostly too stupid to question all those lies and find out the truth for themselves no matter how many times stuff was posted all over Twitter and FB!

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  4. Gordon Brown was – and is – that rare thing: a politician with integrity and a considerable degree of selflessness. But he has absolutely no celebrity stardust, which (it seems) is de rigueur if a politician is to be elected.
    Clegg had that stardust, that common touch, the ability to communicate – but, without integrity, he was nothing.
    We may well be stuck with a destructive and vile Tory government for at least a decade, and Clegg must share responsibility for that – because he conferred legitimacy on what everyone knew was the Nasty Party.
    And it isn’t so much that the Mail and the Sun (and the Telegraph, the Express, the Times) tell lies, is it? It is the Tories who feed the lies into their surrogate opinion-formers, and then hide behind press privilege. The gutter press are contemptible, but they are only as contemptible as the politicians who feed them lies and distortions in the first place.
    The Murdoch and Tory media told the electorate that Labour had created a global economic crisis, although Tory deregulation had made the crash more likely; they told us that Bush’s invasion of Iraq was Blair’s illegal war, although the Tory Boys were happy cheerleaders for that enterprise, and would have gone in sooner and even more dishonestly; they told us that Labour had thrown the NHS into crisis, but since have gleefully sold off lucrative sections of the NHS to their chums…. There is so much more. Today we hear that Osborne is selling off RBS as cheaply as possible to his City chums.
    The media simply reflect the Tory and establishment view, too lazy or dishonest to look for the truth or the reality.
    Clegg knew all this, but he prostituted himself to the Tory cause. That was unforgivable.

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    • Again, great points! Agree very much with what you had to say about Gordon Brown. Really want to pick up on the point you made about the Murdoch media and how the press really is manipulated and biased soon and have a really in-depth look into it, so thanks for raising that point!


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